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What is a crypto whitepaper

October 31, 2008. An incognito developer published a revolutionary whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” under the Satoshi Nakamoto alias. The document patented the beginning of the cryptocurrency industry, topping a market cap value of $2 trillion, as well as the innovative blockchain technology that has forever changed the financial world.

Let’s make it clear: the Bitcoin Whitepaper is not an easy read. But it has ignited a whole whitepaper boom, backing countless ICOs and IEOs, helping their founders and developers sell crypto. Since the beginning of the crypto era it was obvious that a whitepaper is first and foremost a statement document, covering the ideology, concept and technical intricacies of a crypto instead of hot button marketing.

Crypto whitepaper is a purposeful introductory document that may provide:

  • Problem/Solution type of information pertaining to an innovative blockchain technology 
  • backgrounder commentary with a main focus on a marketing perspective of product, mainly supporting the product launch

A typical crypto whitepaper contents may include:

  • An abstract (an introduction)
  • Step-by-step guidance through the product 
  • Token overview
  • Token metrics
  • Product Roadmap
  • Team members
  • Competitors research
  • History section and more

Key crypto whitepaper metrics may include:

  • Vast volumes. An average business reader can consume a longpager consisting of 6-14 pages maximum (including tables, images and data graphs). That means the information to be illustrated in the whitepaper must be concise, precise, and provide a unique product/service outlook
  • Education-orientedness. Despite being primarily labelled as a B2B marketing tool and self-promotion brochure, the bigger part of the whitepaper itself is mandatorily educational. It may imply a hybrid work between the copywriter and the product owner or an entitled group of people or even a designated institution
  • Consistency: Interviews, case studies, ROI calculations, research, polls are essential to the architecture of a whitepaper. Readers are more open to brief expert opinions rather than to attractive promises from companies and whitepapers on real experience, qualifications and knowledge.
  • Call to action: As any potential investor may first land their attention at the whitepaper, there absolutely might be a catchy marketing element to it.

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