Mining fraud

The topic of mining has been popular lately, which has led to the gain of fraudulent activities. Now the scammers have come up with a new way of making money on people. Scammers create applications for the App Store and Play Store, in the descriptions of which they promise to make a lot of money.

This topic began to quickly gain popularity among young people since good equipment for mining cryptocurrency is expensive, there are technical difficulties, plus a lot of electricity is wasted. Therefore, it seems to beginners that using a mobile device is much more profitable and faster.

At the moment, there are no proven applications that would guarantee currency mining, much less its withdrawal. There are games with earnings, but in most cases, you earn fake bitcoin there, and those where there is a real reward most often do not pay it to their players. We will talk about such games in the next article.

In 2018, due to constant fraudulent activities, Google began to remove many applications from the Play Store: Miner Gate, Coinhive Monero Miner, NeoNeonMiner. Of course, the most advanced users started looking for workarounds for downloading, but this is very dangerous, as you can catch a virus that downloads your data. Or fraudsters directly request the entry of card data under the pretext that funds will be withdrawn there.

Apple also has a negative attitude towards such applications and is trying to eradicate them from their App Store, especially since iPhones are unprofitable for mining cryptocurrency.

In addition to fraudulent activities, there is a technical disadvantage. When calculating hashes of cryptocurrency blocks, a serious and long-term load on the device occurs. Modern phones do not yet have such technical capabilities. Mobile devices do not have an active cooling system, but only a passive one, but it does not help to ensure normal heat dissipation. Because of this, overheating occurs, the display, board, battery stops working. Plus, you need a strong antivirus program that would constantly protect the system from Trojans, spyware, and other miners. Therefore, there is a high probability of picking up malicious software.

There are many who want to get a quick and easy profit without purchasing special equipment, but it is not always safe and correct. Better to use the free token giveaway: faucets, AirDrop is more reliable and secure ways to make a profit. or start investing with small amounts. We want to warn our users that it is better to double-check several times than to become a victim of fraudulent activities later. What is mining and AirDrop you can read in our articles.

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